Quality Jewelleryat Marked Down Prices

Let’s get straight to the point: we work directly with our suppliers across the globe to deliver jewellery with uncompromised quality; at marked-down prices, by simply removing the middle man.

We wanted to be different.

Established since 2012, Tailored Jewel’s focus has always been on craftsmanship, quality and customer experience. With our craftsmanship in Hong Kong, we have access to top-notch quality diamonds, gemstones and precious metals – equivalent to top jewellers. We believe that premium personalized jewellery is a luxury that should be accessible by everyone. We knew the market was ready for a change hence, we figured we’d be the first ones to deliver!

We have direct access to top jeweller suppliers, and remove the middle man from the equation.

e-Commerce is redefining traditional luxury retail

Its either you learn to change with the environment or stay and be forgotten. Gone are the days when retail stores were the only places offering premium fine jewellery. We have taken the digital retail lead, making premium fine jewellery (with uncompromised quality) widely available – without the hefty price tag.

A compromise had to be made in the margins and we decided it was the right thing to do.

And so we rebelled!

We have broken all the rules! We have made our statement!

Our jewelry and GIA-certified diamonds don’t cost a fortune. We work directly with manufacturers and suppliers with over 50 years of combine experience, offering excellent products at the best price. Our success is not measured by fame or fortune, but by the satisfaction of our customers worldwide.

We pursued our goals – so your investment in jewellery is maximized, while still honouring the importance of delivering excellent quality and first-class customer experience.


Our products is an extension of our values. We promise you tasteful and precise pieces that shine with magnificent radiance.


A Tailored Jewel™ piece will do just that – and more, reminding you of your treasured memory of a lifetime.


A statement piece that strikes a balance between personal touch & impressive splendour.