We offer a Money Back Guarantee policy (ONLY applicable for TJ Premium Picks Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Rings made in 14k or 18k Gold and Platinum), because we are committed to have you 100% satisfied with your purchase.

In the unfortunate event of any dissatisfaction, get in touch with us within 14 or 30 days as stated, return the item to us in its original condition, and we will work on processing a refund to your bank account within 30 working days.

Note 1: Upon receiving the item, we will carry out our usual procedure of recording a video of the sealed package to verify the authenticity of the product for confirmation.

Note 2: This policy is only applicable for the TJ’s Premium Picks Diamond Ring & Wedding Rings collection.

Note 3: For your purchase of the Everyday Jewellery collection, get in touch with us within 30 days for a refund claim.

For a refund claim, kindly get in touch with us directly at +6010 931 6558 or email info@tailoredjewel.com. Our service consultant will address your case personally.

*Only applicable for TJ’s Premium Picks and Wedding Rings collection made from 14k or 18k Gold and Platinum.

Tailored Jewel products come with a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects / 1-year warranty for Everyday Jewellery Collection. This includes (but not limited to) cracks on the ring surface, and breakage/separation on bands or discolouration. Small side diamonds set on the jewelry are warrantied for 2 years only. In the case of negligence caused by the customer, Tailored Jewel will provide repair services *GIA Certified diamonds are not covered in our warranty policy.

You can always drop by our Jewellery Experience Centre to get accurately measured, or or check out our ‘How to measure your ring size‘ page for more.

Tailored Jewel offers engraving services (available as add-on). All you have to do is include your personal massage into the engraving text box upon selection.

We use platinum PT950, 18/14-karat Yellow / White / Rose Gold. These metals offer the workability and durability needed for the artistic creation of fine jewelry – be it fabrication, casting, reticulation, hand-engraving or advanced stone-setting techniques. Sometimes, we create wax jewelry models for casting using CAD/CAM (computer-assisted design and manufacturing), but our experts always finish and detail the pieces by hand.

After we agree on a design, and make payment for the required deposit, most designs take a minimum of 14 to 21 working days to complete. A longer duration will be required depending on the complexity of design or festive seasons. Once you have approved the final design, we will inform your date of collection and personally deliver your jewelry to you.

All our diamonds jewellery that has a single diamond stone above 0.30 carats come with GIA Certification. Any diamonds below 0.30 carat has no certification. Our Tax Invoice serves as both the certification and warranty.

Yes, we welcome customers at our service hub from 10.30am to 10.00pm; Monday – Sunday (Lot:G08, Ground Floor, Atria Shopping Gallery). To meet our experience consultant, please set an appointments with us. We only feature the latest collection or top selling products for display and provided we have stocks or samples available for viewing in the service hub. In the case we do not carry current designs in hand, customer can view other rings with similar finishing and designs as a reference.

Yes we do, kindly share with us your mailing address during checkout and allow us to manage the rest.

FREE shipping throughout Malaysia & Singapore. However, the buyer outside Malaysia & Singapore will have to bear shipping cost incurred. FedEx International Priority is our trusted international courier service package – it costs slightly more, but you will receive the item faster and with better security. Just drop us a message to inform us.

Renowned for its superior quality in gold jewelry making, Hong Kong is our preferred choice in sourcing uncompromised quality product and services.

At Tailored Jewel, despite the constant fluctuation of precious stones and precious metal prices, rest assured as we strive to be consistently competitive against the market’s prices while promising you excellent quality in every detail. We believe that each competitor is a medium to improve and learn from, while encouraging us to push boundaries in returning your investment in each product. We are able practice this, only because our products are sourced directly from the factory.

Our primary focus is in offering wedding bands or diamond rings. But we also design creations for engagements, anniversaries and designer fashion rings. On occasional inquiries about one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets and earrings, we review it on a case-to-case basis, taking into consideration various factors such as the level of investment in terms of time and cost.

Sometimes yes, sometimes no – but it represents a better value. You may invest a little more than what a piece of ready-made mass-produced jewellery costs, but we promise you value for money. For customized jewelry, you are paying for the value of originality, focus on attention to details, top-notch craftsmanship, one-of-a-kind design, skilled stone-setting and finishing, and precious metal polishing. All these factors set custom-made jewelry apart from ready-made jewelry.

Your produced jewellery and its individualistic design is unique. Rest assured that we will not replicate those details that define your design. While we preserve the copyrights of all jewellery we create, reservation in the design is advocated to our customer’s creative properties.
However, if your design has taken inspiration from one of our standard designs, then yes, we can still recreate it – if your design is generic without specific details, that is. Nevertheless, we uphold our copyrights in our designs.

We do not encourage copying other designers’ work. From a legal standpoint, it is illegal. At Tailored Jewel, we create our very own unique designs, and detest replications. Certainly, though, if you would like to have a design in a certain motif or style, perhaps with the same essence expressed by an example you found, we can design a new piece that meets your expectations. On the flip side, some designs that are categorized as ‘generic’, with a simple and widespread enough design where no one can claim ownership of – these designs we can recreate.

Your white gold ring is really yellow gold that is alloyed with nickel or palladium to “produce” the gold to a white color. This alloyed material is used as a whitener and the final polished white gold alloy remains slightly “gray-yellow” in appearance. White gold is generally electroplated with bright rhodium to conceal the “gray-yellow” appearance.

To summarize, your white gold alloy is not really “white”. The original bright “white” rhodium plating that had concealed the yellowish white gold has worn off. The most common factor for this occurrence is the natural acids and chemicals released by your skin. As a result, gold that touches your skin will change colors more quickly than the other parts. It’s important to remember that even the highest quality jewelry can undergo changes over time.

Email us directly if you have any further concerns or questions.

We are committed to ensuring the quality of your purchase; we stand behind everything we sell and guarantee that all items are free of manufacturing defects when they arrive. We will repair your jewellery as needed for the rest of your life. Surcharges will be imposed on additional material costs.

We offer a 1-year (upon date of collection) FREE resizing service for purchase of all our diamond and wedding rings; and 3-month FREE resizing service for purchase of our Everyday Jewellery collection.

Just picked up our rings today and couldn't be happier with them

Just picked up our rings today and couldn’t be happier with them. The level of service and attention at TJ is incredible – Zach was patient and took the time to explain the different grades of diamonds. We absolutely love our wedding bands and highly recommend TJ. Beautiful jewellery and amazing staff!

Today was our big day and the bands were showered with compliments from the guests.

It was a no-brainer to acquire our wedding bands from Tailored Jewel after they delivered our quality solitaire ring as promised. We immediately set our sights at one of their stylish bands when we browsed through their fine collection at their service hub. Zach was very attentive and helpful all the while. He made sure our rings are of the right size and are delivered in time for our big day. Today was our big day and the bands were showered with compliments from the guests. I wouldn’t hesitate to go for Tailored Jewel again. Out of this world! ??

The rings were displayed in detail and we bought them directly from the website.

Due to MCO, me and my fiancé decided to purchase the rings online and we stumbled upon TJ. The rings were displayed in detail and we bought them directly from the website. Zach approached us and was really helpful in determining the right size. The team responded to us very quickly,plus they made the whole process seamless and smooth. Worth the purchase price considering that we had the rings engraved as well.

TJ helped us make this milestone so much more pleasant.

Very unique designs and materials. Amidst the chaos and planning our ROM during the MCO period, the team at TJ delivered the beautiful rings and offered us excellent service. They helped us make this milestone so much more pleasant. Thank you so much!

Did my entire order online without even going into the store

Excellent experience, beyond what I imagined. Did my entire order online without even going into the store (couldn’t go in store for work Location reasons). Got a custom made engagement ring, they did everything they could to help me, direct messages, pictures, updates on progress and an exact collection time. The ring is beautiful and well produced to a very high standard, could not have asked for more.

Would definitely recommend and will be shopping here again.

Really loved the product & the customisation is flawlessly!

We are exceptionally pleased with the services provided! Ethon was very patient throughout the entire process and catered to our needs and expectations. I really loved the final product and how the customisation was executed flawlessly! It made the entire experience really special for my Fiancé and I. We highly recommend everyone to experience Tailored Jewel’s passion and attention to customer service.

Far more superior than what you could get out there

Thank you so much for your service TJ!

I found the ring I’ve been looking for my soon bride-to-be.

It was a headache since the design we love is either too expensive, or too dull.

We were skeptical at first since it’s an online business but we decided to pay a visit to the physical shop in Atria.

They present to us with many brilliantly done rings they had to offer.

The process is so simple, the explanation is very detailed, they know their product well, and the best part is that the end product is far more superior than what you could get out there with just a fraction or the price!

Definitely recommend this brand for those looking for rings with lower budget.

Worth every penny!

Thumbs up guys and thank you for everything!

From customer service to impeccable products, TJ never fails to impress me.

We are a couple from north, Kedah, and we’ve never stepped in to their Atria Mall service hub to look at their sample rings. Every process was through phone calls and messages.

From their prompt customer service and professional advices, to their spectacular and impeccable end products, TJ never fails to impress me. This proves how pleasant the whole online experience is with Tailored Jewel, and i would highly recommend for couples from other states (especially those with zero knowledge of diamonds and rings just like me) to give a call to TJ to experience their first class service.

Two thumbs up for Ethon and TJ crew!
P.s. the review is written by my fiance who is super satisfied with everything from TJ.

The level of service and assurance provided combined with finish result speaks volume of TJ

Buying jewelry online takes tremendous bravado as this can go so wrong. I’m clearly not that brave which is why I’m glad TJ opened a service hub in Atria which allowed me to view their items and speak to one of the founders (i was lucky to have met him).

Needless to say, I got a lovely piece, and he offered a complimentary service for my diamond ring which i left with him in good faith.

Bottomline, I’ve since collected my ring and it looks brand new. I was nervous at the start, but the level of service and assurance provided (they even shared a video of my ring being serviced) combined with the finish result speaks volume of TJ.

It was a bliss working with TJ. My fiancee was really pleased

First met Ethon couple of years back to have a chat on engagement ring. He’s very knowledgeable with his stuff and never too pushy about selling. Back to few months ago where I finally made the decision to get the a ring. Met up with him again and it was a bliss working with him to get the ring of my requirement and budget.

Talking about budget, I’ve got to commend Ethon on his ability to work around your budget to get you the best diamond by giving insightful suggestions.

Service was good and the production of the ring was timely as well. My fiancee was really pleased and satisfied with the ring when she saw it, which at the end of day was what meant the most to me.

The final result is a beautiful, sparkly, bespoke diamond ring with excellent finishing

Came across Tailored Jewel via some online forums, and my attention was caught by the unique proposition they presented; my fiance could design the engagament ring of her dreams and not leave me broke as a result!

They were very patient with us throughout the process, from pre-sales (entertaining our request for more diamond options), incorporating my fiance’s last minute ring design changes, all the way to post-sales (assisting us with resizing)!! Their response was also extremely quick response whenever we had queries or needed advise. The final result is a beautiful, sparkly, bespoke diamond ring with excellent finishing.

Overall it was a good experience designing and purchasing my proposal ring with Tailored Jewel. Can attest to their professionalism and integrity as online diamond jewellery makers.

My custom ring was perfect! Extremely professional, very patient & affordable price

I must say that Tailored Jewel is probably one of the best recommendation that I’ve received in my life. It was a total different experience when I was purchasing my proposal ring with them.

First of all, they were extremely professional. They spent quite a bit of time educating me on the difference between the grades of diamond and they taught me how to identify the difference. They we’re very patient when it came to my million and one questions.
Secondly, the price was really affordable in comparison to the ones available outside. And when I say comparison, I’m talking about a huge margin of difference.

Thirdly, the outcome of my custom ring was perfect! I was a little skeptical at first when I wanted to customise my ring, but the result was way beyond what I’ve expected. Great finishing and perfection to the detail. They delivered as promised! Thank you Wong Sifu!!!
Thank you Tailored Jewel. Thank you for assisting me throughout the process of designing and purchasing my proposal ring.

More bang for the buck, my fiancee was beaming with joy

Got my engagement ring earlier than expected. Quality was splendid, Diamond was brilliant, Service was exception. They also gave be very good advice choosing them diamonds. Not forgetting getting more bang for the buck, my fiancee was beaming with joy when I presented her with the ring. Definitely a satisfied customer.

Appreciate the patience and guidance given. Le fiancé loves it!

Incredible service! Appreciate the patience and guidance that Ethon gave me as I was clueless on my selection. Le fiancé loves it!

Good explanation on diamond stone & ring customisation. Highly recommended

Is time for me to review this. I love the design and Ethon support on choosing the right purpose ring and engagement ring within the range of Budget. He not like others seller which give u something within your Budget. He give good explanation on diamond stone and ring customise. Highly recommendation for others feel free to buy from ethon. Keep up the good work.

Able to provide the best to satisfy your needs and work on your budget

Two words.. Fantastic Service & Best Price.. i guarantee it myself. Meet up Ethon. Very good service and advise from him…able to provide the best he can to satisfy your needs and work on your budget. The customize engagement ring that i requested was in good condition and beautiful. She loved it very much. Thanks tailored jewel for such a great service