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If you’re searching for a wedding ring, Tailored Jewel can help you. Tailored Jewel designs wedding rings using only the finest materials to make sure you can say your “I Dos” with class and significance. Whether you’re looking for a gold wedding ring, a platinum wedding ring, men wedding rings, or are unsure of your favorite ring style, Tailored Jewel has the perfect option for you.

Choosing the perfect Wedding Band

With so many options available, it can become challenging to choose the perfect wedding band. However, understanding your style and metal preferences is an excellent initial step.

Wedding Band Metals

First, decide which ring metal you prefer. Gold and platinum are the most popular marriage ring metal options because of their classic and timeless look.

Platinum rings are highly sought after as the metal is rarer than gold and possesses naturally hypoallergenic properties. Although, when choosing a gold ring, you have a wider range of color options available to you, including white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. Tailored Jewel gold rings come in 14K and 18K gold options. Alternatively, opt for the best of both worlds and select a beautiful dual-tone ring.

Once you have decided on the color ring you would like, you can narrow down your search.

Wedding Ring Styles

Now that you know the color wedding ring you are searching for, you can choose the style of band you prefer.


For an understated and traditional look, choose from Tailored Jewel’s selection of classic rings. While these rings are not designed with diamonds and offer a more simple style, that is not to say classic rings are less beautiful.

With v-band, twisted, and infinity band styles available, classic wedding bands are incredibly popular when choosing a women’s or men’s wedding ring.

With Diamonds

For those after a bit of sparkle, a diamond wedding band is a perfect option. Tailored Jewel’s diamond wedding band range ranges from singular diamonds to fully diamond-encrusted rings. So, whether you are looking for a classic look with a dazzling addition or a band that twinkles in every light, you’re sure to find something perfect for you.

The Tailored Jewel diamond marriage ring range also includes precious gemstone diamonds, such as sapphires.


If you’re looking for some real wow-factor, try stacking a selection of rings. Perhaps you can’t choose between the classic and diamond styles, or maybe you just want your wedding bands to make an impact, either way, stackable rings are an increasingly popular option.

Try pairing a classic ring with a more elaborate diamond band to get a perfect balance, or pick a v-band ring to stack above a traditional band for a sophisticated yet ultra-modern look.

Find Your Ring Size

Once you’ve chosen the ideal ring, finding your size is the final step to having the perfect wedding band. Tailored Jewel understands how important the fit of a wedding ring is, that’s why customers have the option to request a free ring sizer. You can use the ring sizer to find your exact ring size, and all you have to do is update your ring size as per the instruction in your order confirmation email.

A 12-month free resizing service is also available to all Tailored Jewel customers.