Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity is the assessment of small imperfections on both the surface and internally. Surface flaws are called blemishes, internal defects are known as inclusions. Most diamonds have blemishes and small inclusions that are microscopic, unable to be seen with an untrained or unaided eye – it does not affect a diamond’s beauty in any way.

Inclusions and blemishes aren’t visible on flawless diamonds, even under 10x magnification. It is incredibly rare (less than 1%) because it’s nearly impossible to find.

Inclusions aren’t visible in internally flawless diamonds under 10x magnification; but some small surface blemishes may be visible on IF diamonds.

VVS diamonds are excellent quality diamonds and clarity grade. It has minuscule inclusions that are difficult to see under 10x magnification. VVS2 diamonds have slightly more inclusions than the VVS1 grade.

VS diamonds have minor inclusions that cannot be seen without 10x magnification. VS1 is a higher clarity grade than VS2, which may have some visible inclusions.

Inclusions are noticeable at 10x magnification with SI diamonds. With SI1 diamonds, inclusions are sometimes visible without magnification. SI2 clarity grade diamond inclusions are usually visible from the pavilion, or cone-shaped lower portion, and from the top.

I1 diamonds have minor inclusions that may be visible to the naked eye.