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Solitaire Engagement Rings

Diamond solitaire engagement rings are the ultimate classic. Timeless, and perfect for highlighting your choice of round-brilliant-cut, cushion-cut, princess-cut, or another fancy diamond shape of your choice. You'll find stunning prong-set or bezel-set solitaire engagement rings, each handcrafted to last a lifetime.

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings encircle your center diamond for added brilliance. Whether you're looking for a single or double halo engagement ring, or a fancy shape like cushion cut or princess cut halos, you'll find a handcrafted style that suits you in our outstanding assortment.

Side Stone Engagement Ring

Pavé engagement rings feature tiny diamonds around the band, giving the appearance of a solid diamond surface. The pavé setting is an all-time favorite that is specifically designed to highlight the center stone.

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You’re looking for the perfect engagement ring. With all the selection and terminology surrounding diamonds and engagement rings, where to start?

Where do I start?

The most important thing to know is that there is no such thing as a uniform perfect engagement ring. It’s your perfect diamond engagement ring. It should suit the unique preferences of you and/or your partner.

But you’re in luck; it’s never been easy to find that one-of-a-kind diamond engagement ring.

Settings and metals

When engagement ring shopping, the setting is everything besides the center stone.

There are many different ways to show off personal style. Are you looking for a high-set or low-set ring? How many side stones or unique designs do you want?

The most common setting styles include solitaire, pave and halo. But remember- there are endless amounts of styles to suit your taste.

And of course, some couples look for a simple band; it’s a style that’s simple, delicate, and easy to upkeep.

The most common metals for engagement rings are platinum, yellow, white gold, and rose gold. Couples like platinum for its renowned durability and lasting color. Others look for white gold. Even though the white gold needs routine rhodium plating to maintain its silver appearance, white gold is shinier longer than platinum.

And couples love yellow gold and rose gold settings. They are beautiful options with lifelong strength. Yellow gold and rose gold are used in vintage and modern settings, alike.

Diamonds, diamonds everywhere

And of course, the diamond.

Some couples become intimidated by the thought of diamond shopping, especially when it comes to terminology. But it’s simple and makes the engagement ring-shopping process much easier! Like any investment, it’s a good idea to have preferences ahead of time.

Diamond selection primarily comes down to the four Cs: cut, clarity, color, and carat.

While all diamonds are unique and preferences vary, it’s most important to think about the cut. The cut determines the sparkle and “wow factor” of your diamond.

Engagement ring diamonds average about 1 carat, but many couples go under and over the average. Clarity determines the diamond’s characteristics or lake thereof. And color determines just that- the diamond’s color. All four of these characteristics make up a unique diamond. And it all comes down to personal preference!

And while shape is not part of the four Cs, many couples prefer fancy-cuts. While round diamonds typically have the most sparkle and modern appearance, devotees love the appearance and personality of fancy shapes. Examples include oval, princess, heart, and cushion cuts.

How much should I spend?

Every couple has a different budget. Some couples want to go all out, and some desire something simple and special.

You may have heard that the average engagement ring will cost a three month’s average salary. That’s not true. According to, the average cost of an engagement ring is $5,900. But even this is an average of many unique and diverse couples. The choice comes down to you.

The perfect diamond engagement ring

We know engagement ring shopping may seem overwhelming, but there are many resources to help you find the perfect engagement ring! At the end of the day, a diamond engagement ring is about you and your partner.